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Brain Tumour Research is delighted to have been selected as Vitesse Media's Charity.

Brain Tumour Research represents the united campaign voice of the Brain Tumour Research group of charities. Established in 2008, the charity was launched specifically to raise substantial funds for brain tumour research and operates as a separate entity to the member charities. Its mission is to raise at least £7 million per annum in order to accelerate progress significantly in UK brain tumour research, to make a clinical difference and to improve the outcome for brain tumour patients.

In the UK, 16,000 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour each year with more children and people under the age of 40 dying of a brain tumour than any other cancer.

  • Brain tumours kill more children than leukaemia or any other cancer
  • Brain tumours kill more men under the age of 45 than prostate or any other cancer
  • Brain tumours kill more women under the age of 35 than breast or any other cancer

Yet brain tumour research is woefully under-funded!

By helping Brain Tumour Research through a regular or one-off donation, proper world class brain tumour research programmes and projects can be funded at UK universities. With the help of Vitesse Media we aim to raise awareness and funds for this under-researched cancer.

For more information about Vitesse Media's charity of the year, please contact Niki Baker on 020 7250 7010.